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  • Small Business With Impact

    Do you want to stand out? The first step to this is, do you just copy what is "Trending" well in most cases that might work, but then again you look around you and all you see is the same thing. What this does for the viewer is that they become desensitized, they get used to the normal, they switch off, they click off they just don't care. How do you beat this? Well, the way we approach this is question differently, we believe content is like a piece of clothing. It's not a one size fits all, we believe in creating content for Small Business that express their message and tells their story, you don't need a drone shot always if it's not adding to the story if it's not selling who you are, it's just eye-candy. The mediums will change, but one thing will always remain the same, the story rules everything around us. Authentic connections go viral and stories impact us, so let's talk about creating video content for your feeds that impacts and connects you with your customers. So how do you stand out, stand strong as a small business? You tell a story that people can relate to, care about and we help you tell that story. #torontovideoproduction #torontoagency #creativeagency #videographer #thoughts #blog #mediaproductioncompany #contentcreator

  • They Live

    The classic is a must watch, you might have seen the iconic words of "Obey" by Shepard Fairey in a street near you. He was actually inspired by a movie called "They Live" you can watch the trailer her What makes this gear? Well, visually it might not look great to you, but that isn't the point. The impact of this movie is an illusion of abstract images of what the true meaning of things in our world. How don't see things for what they are? We have edited feeds, edited lives and we need to put the glasses on and see what things are really. The movie looks familiar enough to relate to and abstract enough to watch over again and talk it over with a group of friends. #torontovideoproduction #classic #theylive

  • Oddball

    Do you ever feel like an oddball? Well, we like you! every third post will be an original piece of content from Visual Smugglers archive or fresh content. Today we go back to the time we went to Morocco in the early 2000's. While walking through the market, some tourist stood out to me, but first, a quick question, have you ever felt like an oddball? Sometimes that's not a bad thing, sometimes being different is a good thing, sometimes being out of place is a good thing. Your not familiar with your surroundings and have to leave your comfort zone. Oddballs are the ones who have to create their own world, they are codependent on themselves and a close group of friends, but when you start to talk to other people, you find that we're all oddballs. #torontovideoproduction#creativeagency #torontoagency#videoagency #creativedirector#artdirector #pr #marketingdirector#advertising #marketingdirector#torontobusiness #commuintymanger#brandstrategist #brandambastor#mediadirector #torontoentrepreneurs#toronto #thesix #marketing#startuptoronto #416 #contentcreator #blogger #bloggingtips, #bloggerlife, #bloggersgetsocial, #ontheblog #travelblogger, #travelblog, #travelgram, #travelphoto #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #photodaily, #justgoshoot #oddball

  • Most impressive experience...

    As you leave the Cinema, you often find yourself saying to yourself, “The Book was better” and in some cases that is true. VR is very immersive, 3D brings you into the picture, but you know what medium is the most interactive? It's lying on your coffee table, you have in on your shelfs, it's been with us for Centuries. It's called, a book. After watching "The Meg" you see the technology advancements we have made, thought 3D might put you in the picture and VR even more so. These mediums are missing one thing, putting us in the mind of the characters, we can't read their thoughts. This is just one of the powers of the written word, but then again after seeing Spike Lee New film BlacKkKlansman, I take that back. No matter what happens throughout the years, one thing will remain the same, story telling should matter, we should feel and relate to the person. Thought we might feel more impressed into the character, if you don't have a connection it is just a superficial experience, story telling rules everything around us, it connects us, it bounds us, please don't forget this.

  • Authenticy

    It's not a keyword, it's often thrown around a lot but we like to delve deeper. Authenticity to us is being an "Original" and creating genuine connections with your audience. When you scroll through your Instagram feed, what do you see? An edited version of what they want the world to see, being authentic to me means. BEING AN ORIGINAL We all project an image of ourselves and we can also control that image, not allowing others to define us. CREATING A CONNECTION When yourself, you attract like-minded people, we are drawn to characters that we can relate to. If you are in the business that wants to connect with others and stand out from the crowd. This a great route to take, we buy from people we relate to. Visual Smugglers helps sculpt your Authentic story, we're a Toronto video production company that creates authentic, bold and engaging content for your brands and business. BEING AUTHENTIC IS BEING GENUINE TO WHO YOU ARE, ANYTHING OTHERWISE IS BEING DISGUISE. #authenticy #thecreator #videoforsmallbusiness #torontovideproduction #videocaststudy #barbershopvideo #💈

  • What is video production?

    "Video production is the process of producing video content. It is the equivalent of filmmaking, but with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock. There are three stages of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Wikipedia" Video Production is a process, it's creating content with a purpose as opposed to showing up with a camera and "Going with the flow" it's having an intention and requires strategy. Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that treats the process with respect. We sit down with our clients and get to know them first. We don't try to over sell and we don't over deliver, what we sell is we listen to your story first and create a strategy that best fits your goal. Video Production in 3 Steps 1. PURPOSE (PRE-PRODUCTION) The first and most important step is making something working making, we have content coming at us from every direction. Experts telling us that this is "Popular" and trying to oversell you. The problem is with this is, it's got no purpose, you get forgotten and get lost in the sea of content. 2. CREATING (PRODUCTION) The form of creation is an important aspect of telling stories, when you have purpose you have direction and this allows us to focus our time on creating. 3. CREATION (POST-PRODUCTION) When we have all the elements together we put them together, this is where the art of creation comes into play. We want to tell stories that connecting with your audience. We believe in Authentic connections and through the art of Video editing we craft the story with the aim to connect. Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates Authentic, Bold and Engaging content for Brands and Business, visit our website for Case Studies, our Demo Reel and to get a FREE quote.

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