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  • What is the film pre-production?

    Pre-Production Stage= Planning The night before the shoot might make you feel nervous but it shouldn't. Before we hit record, there is a lot of thought that goes into making a movie. In the wise words of Cinema Database “Plan better, shoot better.” What happens in the Pre-Production Stage? When we are in the production stage, we are referring to everything that happens before the shoot. This includes the development of the story or idea, the staging, continuity, the principle of photography and many other elements. We create a production bible as is the reference to keep us on track and bring it on set. A Production bible also makes sure that we are all on the same page.

  • Skiped Class

    I skipped class to take this picture, was doing an HND photography college program. It was a weekday and has class, but I thought to myself, I want to take pictures. It's quite a strange thing to say when you do a photography program. It's so strange that we have schools that teach us things but they don't teach us how to have fun. They don't teach us to follow our inner passions, well these days you have many options, things are changing. My only observation of all of this is, what also happened to have fun? What happened to follow a project that you're passionate.

  • 3 Podcast Worth Listening to for Creatives

    Seth Godin - Podcast If you're in the creative feed or just like storytelling, this is your bedtime story podcast. Seth Godin, tells you a story that feels authentic. It's that smart friend you wish you were. Website: The E Project A podcast for those who work for themselves or have a side hustle, well anyone is young and working in this world. The Entrepreneur podcast is your required listing material, required. When you work for yourself it can be lonely, who do you talk to? Your other friends have jobs. What about those insecurities you have? You once went from a team and now your sitting in your room as a team of one. This podcast is that reassuring voice, that you got this and this is how I overcame this. Something you really need to hear! Website: Startalk A podcast that helps you escape normal life, if you are trying to solve a problem, well let's face it, every day that is what we have to do. Then this podcast gives your brain a break, get transported into another world and surrounding your room with Science and explore this vast universe. Website:

  • Streets of Downtown Financial District

    Jump - A story I don’t know, will this work out? What if it doesn’t? What if I end up broke and homeless? This month is slow, maybe I should get a job? We ask these questions and many more when we start something new. We look at our watches when we clock into work and when you work for yourself there isn’t enough time in the day. We are so scared of posting, sharing our vulnerabilities. Just time in, the people you idolized didn’t go to motivational events, they don’t watch every youtube video. They took a risk and jumped it, they spent every waking moment doing their art not watching Youtube videos on how to be successful. Take a leap of faith….. Jump In

  • Be You

    KEYWORDS, BUZZWORDS, Video Production, Videography, Filmmaking, Marketing, and the list goes on, we live in a world full of buzzwords and Top 5 tips. Self Help Books and the word entrepreneur is used to describe anyone who doesn't work 9-5pm. These are all just words with no real meaning, they are all pointing in the same direction. "Same" How do you stand out as a brand, if you just following a trend. When the sex pistol came on stage, they were really different to anything that people had seen before. So maybe we're at this point, where great art will be born and we are rejecting the notation to being the same. You are starting to see people disturb the flow of content, content that makes you sit and think. You are taking in a different kind of message. A message that isn't trying to sell you something, but rather a message that you can relate to, a message that you can feel. We are moving forward but at the same time we are also moving backwards. We are remembering the old principle of storytelling and being authentic rather than being the same.

  • Edward Hopper, Approaching a City

    Edward Hopper famous painting Nighthawks is well known, it's referenced in Pop culture and at one point was part of Mac Os X built-in wallpapers. This is not one of the most known paintings but it means something to me. When I was a photo assistant for Tim White ( This particular picture reminds me of traveling to his studio. It's also a mysterious picture, when is the train coming? It's a real silent moment a moment of reflection.

  • Grab My attention

    Grabbing attention We live in a 24/7 world, where data is being collected and it's harder to get through because we're getting bombarded with images. Thinking about it gives you stress. You hear advice on what you need to do, 7 best tips, motivational videos, and hustle culture. What do we do with all this? Everything trying to capture your attention, but I'm feeling we're going to try and have more honest and natural conversations. The day where we are more human is eventually going to happen. Media has changed but the message has always remained the same. We are just distributing the message in different ways. Instead of creating a large banner, selling you that owning this product will make you happy. We tell that image on an Instagram picture and with no copy to it. More honest ones, remember storytelling. Telling stories, passing on wisdom, self-reflection, they will be an uprise for detoxing from media. One day was going offline and scream, "Hello, world.!" > End

  • Story First

    Story first, because story rules everything around us. In a digital world where 4k,8k, drones, and cameras are hot topics. Why should we care about the story? Why should you care about the story? Because our brain loves story. Think about it, think of a butterfly, can you picture one? Pretty neat, you came up with your own colorful fly. Why Stories Matters Story lights your brain up, the story engages the brain. Facts don't, story triggers emotions, gives our brain a full work out. When we can relate to a subject on a more personal level. We foster a deeper connection when people revel insights into who they are, we relate to this. A story has the impact to put ourselves in other people's shoes or we can live in the shadows of someone's darkness. A story is a reflection of us, parts we like, parts we hate. Conclusion A story is riddled with wisdom and insight to our past and future. We have used a story to pass on wisdom, strategy and give us hope. We tell ourselves story, they are around us and rule everything around us. Story first. What does a story mean to you? . Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates Authentic, Bold and Engaging video/photo content for Brands and Business. We are driven by telling stories through visuals. To find out more information please visit us at

  • Why should I make a video?

    The world we live in has changed, we once spent more time in shopping centers. You had to design an experience for your customer. Now things are changed, we turned from a physical space to a digital space. Why should you make a video? Because of that very fact, your video represents your brand, it creates an experience, without it you're the equivalent of a store that has not put any effort into their interior experience. DIGITAL WORLD As we live in a digital world, it's not going to change anytime soon. Are retail landscape has changed and eventually the only type of stores might be once that you can experience, i.e eating coffee spaces. You can't digitalize those experiences. So what you supposed to do? You create a digital world, you create an experience on your site. You communicate your message. You make it easier for the viewer to see what you're about. You can even tell your story in 15 seconds, via the full-screen video feature for your website. How do I stand out as a business? You tell your story, we each have a story and people don't want to read a long bio. They want you to cut to the chase. When you see a Starbuck logo, you know what they do and who they are. They developed that brand, by putting attention to their physical space, by creating experiences. In this digital world, a website and your social media are how you tell your story. The easier you make it understand, the easier it for your customer to understand. We are bombarded with content from everything that has a scream. It's screaming out, look at me. So why not make it easy, your customer will appreciate you for it. Conclusion Why should I make a video? Because we relate to business through a story and if people don't remember your story, you are forgotten. You have to stay on the mind of the customers and spread your message. The beauty of video is that it's working for you 24/7. No store hours, no sales representative, no "can I help you?" As a business your business is to attract customers, in the physical world they used colour, design and imagery to attract customer. If you want to get customers through your door, you need to grab their attention. Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates Authentic, Bold and engaging video for Brands and Business. To find out more information on us, please visit our website

  • Video Production - Pre-Production Element

    What is Pre-Production? Before you start shooting, you start with an idea and with this idea you create a skeleton. We share one aspect of the pre-production skeleton contains all the elements that go into the pre-production of the project. We create a pre-production bible for each project. Brain The brain of a project is the concept of what we are trying to achieve. You also think about who you're creating this video for. Before you start shooting you need a clear idea, videos start through the written word. They are concepts that are formed before you hit record, Eyes The visual aspect of the shoot, this gets described in the pre-production document. You show the vision of the project through storyboards, mood boards including the shot list. Backbone Behind every project you have to have a backbone to it, this is where you discuss the scheduling, script, location brake down and so forth. Conclusion The pre-production aspect of a shoot includes all the preparation that goes into the video before we start shooting. This is a bible for the whole shoot containing each aspect and element for the shoot. When we plan better, we shoot better. To view a sample pre-production document, please see: . . . Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates custom video content for Brands and Business. To find out more informaiton please visit us at

  • Selfie

    Why do people like taking selfies? Well it’s human nature, we have an obsession with ourselves and this hasn't changed since the 1800s. The only thing that changed is the technloghy and the ease of use of it. Back in the day if you wanted a picture of yourself, you paid an artist to draw you a portrait. The portrait was a declaration, "I'm great, look at me" the subject would look perfectly possed and light. Now skip to current daytime and what do you see? We have these mobile devices that we can have a portrait of ourselves in a matter of seconds and like our ancestors. We only want to be pictured in the best light. Conclusion Technology is advancing but humans aren't, we still have the same nature and care about the same things. Technology just enables are ego and deviants self from the comfort of anywhere. When I see people taking selfies, I don't pay much attention to it, because in the past houses were full of portraits of themselves.

  • Do you need a crew?

    When you think of independent filmmaking, the word implies that you are working out of the mainstream. It's a lone runner, it's you against the world. When you make a film, you learn a really important lesson. Filmmaking is dependent on a crew, it requires many different elements to make things happen. The film is a collaboration between of team members, we are dependent on each other. So when the credit list scroll up, remember, it took many people to make that happen. When you think of production value. It's a crew of very talented individuals focusing on one job and when collectively combined you have something beautiful.

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