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  • Free Websites Directories To Push Your Site To The Limits

    You started a new Business! *Happy Dance* 🕺 You are thinking about what next? *Sad Face* 😔 You see the scene in Scarface playing in your mind 🤑 🎶 Push it to the limit (Limit) No one left to stand in your way You might get careless, but you'll never be safe While you're still in it 🎶 Register Your Business for FREE Now the hard work begins, so let's get to it. You heard of it, "Google" well time to register a google my business accountant. Download "Google My Business App" for Andriod Download "Google My Business App" for iPhone It's free to Register to Google, it takes a few days to get the approval letter which will come with a code, so get on that. Websites to list your Business Create a Google My Business Page Create a Facebook Page List your space with Apple Maps List of 35 Free Directory to register your business, WARNING: You're going to get a lot of phone calls like for example Yelp will try to upsell you and get you to pay money for their ad service, DON'T DO IT! JUST DON'T. Expect a lot of spam phone calls! Also use the same address, phone number and email for each website. Pro Tips Do your research, google a competitor and see what sites they have added their business to. They might be on Yelp e.t.c. Also expect a lot of spam phone calls! Now your number is online your going to get random phone calls. Pro Tip: Make Sure you use the exact. Studio Based Directory If you have a physical studio or space and want to rent it out. I would register it with the following This Open Space > Set Scouter - (You could possibly rent your space for film work) Music Studio Directory - Also bouns, if you need inspiration for your design or need to find a creative agency for hire. Do check out Also if you're looking for a video production company, check out Visual Smugglers is a Toronto based video production company that creates social media ads for Brands and Business. We help Smuggle Your Message To The Masses, visit our website for our Demo Reel And a Free Quote

  • Fix it in Prep

    We get that email all the time. "We need a shoot, can we get a quote?" You need content, we get it. To us, the creative process is a collaborative process. and we like to start with the "Why" When you watch a film or TV, you see 100s of decisions that have beforehand. We approach film making and photography the same way. There are many questions to ask before we hit record and take a picture. We like to ask the questions before every shoot and when we get the questions we create a "Creative Brief" The questions are more about who you are and what you're trying to communicate. What do you like? Show me your world view, we want to learn from you. We try to sum up your essence into keywords which help guide the story, look and feel. Without a direction and purpose your wondering endless. We live in an age where we're in an informational overload. Just giving someone facts doesn't work. You have to connect with your audience and we get to the "What are you trying to say?" rather than be yes men. We try to get to the purpose behind why you are doing what you do and craft a story through it. The world has changed, the cooperate world has changed, people see behind fakeness. They are scrolling all day, be a breath of fresh air and say something authentic. Here is a sample question with visual example Simple decisions on the look that your trying to achieve can be deiced before a shoot. Do you want some eye-catching material, or do you want something safe and commercially. An example of hard light. This is great for you want that image to grab someone. An example of soft light. Great for e-commerce, show the product off and all the details. 🧠 goes into making images and video. We ask the right questions to help you steer your message in the right direction. Everyone is competing for your attention, it's a world of "Buzzwords" If someone came up to you and just burst out with buzzwords you would ignore them. They just sound like crazy and everyone is just uttering random buzz words all the time. We hear it all the time, fix it in the post, well, fix it in prep. When you have an intention on the day. You're going to get better content, the more you have the final vision in your mind you can perfect it and hone in the message. Photographs for fashion brand Visual Smugglers is a Toronto based video production company, feel free to check out our websites where you can watch our Demo Reel and get a free quote.

  • I'm bored

    Owner of Visual Smugglers, (Gautam Narang) was featured in a video about boredom. Boredom is real and it’s in full effect, how do you cope? Well, here are some resources and website that might help you get through this. Not only will you be a better person out of this, but you be smart, stronger and wiser* Websites Some of these websites are pertaining to Toronto and having access to a Libary card. Become Smarter LinkedIn Learning If you have a Toronto Libary card, you get to get access to LinkedIn Learning. Each time you finish a course it will be added to your LinkedIn profile. Look at you, adulting like a professional. Link Kanopy Cutting back on Netflix and streams, well again if you have a Library card, then you can access this beautiful streaming site. You get 8 free credits a month, but unlimited access to the “The Great Course” where you can learn business, art, fitness and many other subjects. Link Blink List Did you ever use those summary books in school? Instead of reading the book, you can read the cheat notes. That sounded logical to me, now were all grown up and live in a digital world. We have things link Blink List, which sums up key concepts of books in a matter of mins. They range for 8 to 12 mins. Link YOUTUBE Crash Courses makes sense to me, sometimes you want to learn a subject in stages. You want the same instructor, same lighting e.t.c. This a great channel to brush up on new knowledge. Link Ted Talks Ted Talks, are talks that get you time to think, they are like brain promote. They inspire you to think deeply, they inspire you to think critically. Every day included Ted in it. Link ARTS Open Culture Open culture, is your resource and blog for all things cultured, from books that would look good on your bookshelf to websites and youtube videos that will leave you a little more cultured. Link

  • 5 Shows to watch while in quarantine

    Introduction Ok, let's stop wasting valuable time, things to watch while in quarantine. Your going to have the time and as a good diet, this is a nice list of escapism and some shows that will inspire you to question within. We only serve out 5's #1 - Ozark 1. Ozark (On Netflix) season 3 came out and I've been an Ozark fan for quite some time. This season is where things get intresting. You had two seasons that built up the story, they were the blueprint. Now you see these characters develop. This show deals with mental health issues, family and a criminal empire. If you haven't seen the two other season, what's your excuse? You got the time! Your like this show if you like dark shows, shows that show the diverse spectrum of the human condition and personas. Summary If Statement: psychology, dramatic drama and Narcos. We think you like this one. Rating: 5 ✨✨✨✨✨ #2 After Life, Season 2 After Life, is on Netflix. This is a show full of meaning and symbolism. It grabs you with a hook and leaves you with a jab. This is what life is about, it's realistic and we often find that life is funnier than reality. We are all going through a hard time at the moment, and you can relate to the main character. He is also trying to find meaning and sense from all this madness. We delve into his world and we hear words of wisdom from all walks of life. This is a show about reflection, expectations, our past and how we treat each other. Summary If Statement: Deep, full of symbolism, your cry, you see a bit of you in this and that's ok. Get inspired to be a better self and finding out who you are first. Rating: 5 ✨✨✨✨✨ Visual Smugglers is a video production company that creates video content/photo and animation content that is driven to tell your story. To find out more information on us, visit

  • 5 Books that will change you

    Intro As we wake up in Covid-19. Self-isolation is a thing, and after we have binged many TV shows and movies. We are left with that thought "I should be doing something more productive" or something in that nature. These books should help you feel better about yourself and help you master your craft, no matter what you are doing. A little about my background, I'm a cinematographer/filmmaker and have found these books to be extremely helpful. So when we leave this Covid-19 world, we used our time wisely and improved as people out of this. Book Suggestions Book 1: Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results, by Drew Boyd (Author), Jacob Goldenberg (Author) Buy: @ Amazon Link Think "Inside the box" is a great book for improving what you do, no matter what you do. We often are told, "Think Outside the box" which is a damaging thought. Why this is a damaging thought? Well, for me personally it creates a chain of anxiety. Your jumping from idea to idea, thinking to yourself "I need this, that and" This will lead you in an endless loop. Rather thank thinking like this, you have to try and think inside the box. You ask yourself and using what is around you first. Can you create a combination of things, to get the result you want. Sometimes thee answers are in front of us. We just have to look at the problem differently. This book teaches you a way of thinking differently, by thinking analytically at a problem. By limiting our choices we can think more specifically about a problem. Conclusion We can meditate on it, and more likely comes to an answer, this book taught me this. This book taught me to see the problem differently, can I solve this problem with things around me? Book 2: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Author) Buy: @ Amazon Link Flow, a book that will open your chakra and tap into a natural state we have. We all have moments of it. When we are focused on a task and can complete it, even if it's complicated and has many steps. Drawing from my life, when you are on set and doing lighting. You learn to learn that there are many steps to do something. The more you do these drills and steps, they become natural, you feel that you re-tapped into a flow state of being. Conclusion This book, helps you see this and learn how to tap into this force. You learn through examples and how to encourage this super hack. Book 3: Mastery by By Robert Greene buy @ Amazon Link Mastery, becoming an expert in what you do. When we think of the greats, Mozart, Da Vinci. You may think they are born with it. They aren't, it takes many hours, years and attempts to get good at something. Talent needs time to grow, ideas need to form. You get insight in their process and the challenges they faced to the greatness. We have to be the apprenticeship, have an open mind and develop mastery. They learnt the rules and learned how to tweak things. You have to look deeply into a subject to understand it. Curiosity is a start, it's the first footstep into the right direction, the rest is the journey. A journey to the master something. This book taught me, how have you have to learn more to earn more. We can use skills that we learn and apply them to reap greater financial goals in the future. Learning ain't easy, when we try to learn things by ourselves we get hard on ourselves. We have to guide ourselves, have a guide makes life easier. We have to find that guide or be that guide. To be a master at something, you have to learn the important aspect of something. You can learn the basic and what you need to know in 3 years but the rest of your life will be mastering it. That's what an apprenticeship is, you learn the process. You then have a choice to keep doing things or add your own perspective to it. You can't stay an apprenticeship forever, you can't learn forever. At one point you got to make things happen. In this book, we visit our childhood and learn to see the world from a child's perspective. He finds to relate the path of mastery to specific situations. This gives me hope. Conclusion This book, helps you to see things from a different perspective, how to have an open mind and to learn from many different masters. You see patterns and see and start to respect whatever craft you are doing. You learn it takes many man-hours to get good at something. By hearing all these different stories, you are also training your brain how to relate it to each other. It will teach you to think outside the box and how the masters aren't what we think it is. Book 4: Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whiteman buy @ Amazon Link Don't judge a book by it's cover. The book cover may look cheesy. But when you open it's full of words of wisdom. Youtube is full off entrepreneur trying to sell you stuff. Like they say, the game is to be sold not told. This book gives you actually knowledge. It gives your practical examples and ignites the critical thinking inside you. It's ogilvy on advertising and a masterclass on advertising. If your starting a brand, business or have a digital agency. This is an essential book. Conclusion This book feels like a cheat sheet to advertising. Just buy it, read it and apply it. Your have many ah moments. It will help decode your own business. The technology will change, but the message and what you are saying won't. Strategy will always be part of running a business as this is a great book for helping you start your own game plan. About the author Article by Visual Smugglers (Gautam Narang) founder and C.E.O of Visual Smugglers, a Toronto Video Production Company, we create social media ads for Instagram and Facebook video ads. We are content creators creating content for Brands and Business. To find out more information, please visit

  • I want my brand to be authentic.

    Authenticity isn't about something that can be without thinking about what you are not. Branding to me is more than just keywords. It's the core values of who you are, defining to others who you are and how you want the world to perceive you. Content comes from your core values, you have content that makes you think, buy, continue to browse and then you have the stuff that resonates with you. To get this place, you have to do a lot of research, understand the customers paint points. How and why do they use this product. It's more than just throwing keywords and tapping into popular trends. Branding to me is who you are, tapping into a feeling, it's a conversation and not a performance. Also in another news... "We are recognized as a top Video Production Company on DesignRush” and hyperlink to:

  • It's all connected

    It's all connected, it's a stream of conscious. When someone says they want a "Viral" video, it's not that simple. Your tapping into the conscious of the general public. It's an emotion that is universal. A concept, it's a mistake sometimes, which needs to be hit up with a response. It's like throwing a basketball with your back to the net. It happens, it sure does, now try doing that 20 times. We live in a culture of quotes, chapters, summaries and have forgotten that there is more than one ingredient to it all. If you want to create something, you have to think of many different elements. If you have a business, it's not only about your product, you have to create content that relates it to others. You have to have a message and a brand. We don't connect to things, we connect to ideas. Once your brand stands for something, you create a culture and through culture, you get a community. When you create anything, you have to think of the overall picture. How it is all connected. A video needs to come from an idea. Then you have to think of how you're going to make it, how are you going to distribute it? What will be your call to action? Is your website ready? Is your messaging matching your social media? Is your video matching your brand message? When you see "Youtube" videos that talk only about one element, you have to realize that their are so many different elements that go into the creation of something. The books you read, the friends you have, the conversations, the experiences, your desires and It's not just one thing. Everything is connected.

  • The Process of Video Production in 4 Stages

    How are videos made? We’ve broken it down into four steps. STEP ONE💡- IDEA It starts with an idea, we sit down with our clients and get to find out the intention and purpose of why they want to create the video. We sit and listen, diagnose your need and give our professional opinion. We are strong believers of inclusion in the creative process. By thinking each element before we shoot, we make sure the video has intent. This is integral to get your message across. This leads to step two, the Creative Brief. STEP TWO 📝 - CREATIVE BRIEF The creative brief, this is a crucial process of the creative process. This is an integral part because we both make sure were on the same page. This saves times and in turn saves money. We devote time researching what works and if the idea is possible. Once we get the green light, we create a more detailed creative brief, including the scheduling, script, shot list and details needed to make sure the shoot goes smoothly. The creative brief also includes the strategy, contact, shoot details and break down of how we will approach the video. Once this is signed off by the client we go into production (filming) STEP THREE 🎥 - SHOOTING Filming only begins when we are on the same page and everything is in place. We are strong believers in planning. A movie involves many moving parts and that applies to a commercial as well. We are a collective of Toronto’s finest videographers, editors, producers and motion graphic artist. We keep everyone on the same page and make sure we are all focused on the singular goal of telling the story in the most engaging way. By thinking and strategizing in the creative brief stage, we make sure that the shoot day is fun and make sure the talent or you both feel comfortable and have direction. Once we cut, we go onto the final stage, the editing and delivery of the project. STEP 4 🎞 - EDITING The editing of a project is where all the magic comes together, we like to involve the client in their process. Getting feedback from them and making adjustments. It can take up to a month to finish a project. Just to give you some perspective it can take one year to make a movie, even if it’s a short clip, it takes time. Editing involves many elements that all happen simultaneously. You have sound, music and the moving image that all happen at one time. We handle this whole process, from story editing, colour grading, sound mixing, music and motion graphics. Once we are pictured lock, we deliver the final video. ℹ️ What we do Visual Smugglers is a Toronto video production company that creates video for Restaurants social media feeds, because your selling more than just food, your selling an experience and we help bridge that message, from ideation, strategy, filming and final delivery of your projects. To find out more information us, watch our Reel and get a FREE quote, please visit

  • Let's Collab

    Let's Collab, is inserted in profiles around the internet. It's the forgotten art. Let's go back in time when the kings wanted to send a message. They sent it via a messenger, who might take days, weeks or months to convey the message to the other person. This is where the behavior began, we thought to ourselves. Why should I leave my castle, to tell share a message, I'll send someone to tell you my message. We send messages, SMS, what's app message and all kind of messages to each other. We ask ourselves this question every day, "do I really need to leave my house?" The world is a scary place, cold and all kinds of anxiety are outside. This is a modern dilemma, but I pleased you. Leave your house, collaboration is how we exchange ideas. When you're in the same room as someone, talking face to face and brainstorming. You think to yourself, "this is so much easier in person." As technology advances, we must remind ourselves of the power of face to face and vibing of each other. Imagine the number of bands and business were created from two people sitting in a room together. Collaboration brings many wonderful things, it's easier to follow someone when you face to face. You don't have to go through messages. It's instant, ok, you have search, but a notepad with a pen is a wonderful thing and you think about each word you write down. So, please make that effort and collaborate.

  • Why, video?

    Good question, it's not really a video. Yes, that is the final product, but to get to that stage. You have to create a story. You have to have an intention. A video is a creation of multiple elements combined together. Before we talk about the video. We have to talk about the idea. The premises of creating this. We then put that idea on paper and then start to plan on how to do this. Before we ask why video, we have to ask, "Why" do we want to make this, what are we trying to express. What business am I in? What is my goal, what benefits do I offer? How does my product or service change how people feel? Behind the video, it's start with why and a flow of question that together make a video. A video isn't about hitting record or is it "making a viral hit."

  • The Video Production Process

    Everything is a process and video production is no different. Often you may think things just happen. You need to plan, you need to think before you shoot. The video starts before you hit the record button. It begins with the first meeting with the creation of a creative brief. We make subconscious choices every day, in the way we dress, taste and every facet of our lives. We like to know what makes you tick. We want to mix your story with our cinematic experience. If you want a dramatic look. The cinematography, location, and music have to represent that. Video Production is a journey from an idea to a final video. Through this process, we find the story and why behind what you want to do. Sculpt a story around that and create it.

  • Urban Space

    The streets are colourful and so is the universe, a project that started back in the '90s. We were given a photography project at school. After being blown away by William Egginton work. I was hooked. This project is a subdivision of Urban Colours, which can be found on our Instagram. Every third picture is part of the Urban colours series on our Instagram Colour has always fascinated me and in urban environments, it's what adds character to the grey or glass towers that dominate our environment. The love for colour increased further when discovering Steve McCurry work. Going to India, it made sense to use colour. Colour challenges you. You got to work harder for your pictures. Street art is that bit of colour, it's the details that exist around us. Space is a colourful entity so it made a natural transition to mix my love for street art and space.

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